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Sexuality of eukaryotic unicells: hyperbolic growth, coexistence of facultative parthenogens, and the repair hypothesis. Sex as a response to oxidative stress: a twofold increase in cellular reactive oxygen species activates sex genes.


Coevolutionary motion and swarming in a niche space model of ecological species interactions. Three mechanisms of Red Queen danila opciók.

Spider-plant interactions: An ecological approach.

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Applicability of Modified Whittaker plots for habitat assessment in urban forests: Examples from Hannover, Germany. Extinction debt and the role of static and dynamical fragmentation on biodiversity. Long-memory processes: Probabilistic properties and statistical methods. Spatial algorithms applied to landscape diversity estimate from remote sensing data. The effects of plant structure on the spatial and microspatial distribution of a bromeliad-living jumping spider Salticidae.

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Self-organized criticality in intertidal microphytobenthos patch patterns. Landscape complexity in space and time. Habitat fragmentation and extinction thresholds on fractal landscapes. A null model for species richness gradients: bounded range overlap of butterflies and other rainforest endemics in Madagascar.

Recent advances in ecosystem theory. Plant neighbour diversity.

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Complexity in plant communities: The notion and quantification. Foraging in a fractal environment: Spatial patterns in a marine predator-prey system. Multifractality: A new concept in vegetation science. On the importance of fine-scale spatial complexity in vegetation restoration studies.

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Biodiversity analysis: Issues, concepts, techniques. Prospects and expectations: Reflections on a science in change. Pattern dynamics: An essay concerning principles, techniques, and applications. Absence of chaos in a self-organized critical coupled map lattice.

Self-organization vs. Stability in a metapopulation model with density-dependent dispersal. Spatio-temporal dynamics and transition from asymptotic equilibrium to bounded oscillations in Chrysomya albiceps Diptera, Calliphoridae. Biocomplexity: adaptive behavior in complex stochastic dynamical systems.

Universal power laws govern intermittent rarity in communities of interacting species.

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The evolution of density-dependent dispersal. Synchronized family dynamics in danila opciók coupled maps. Intermediate-range coupling generates low-dimensional attractors deeply in the chaotic region of one-dimensional lattices.

The spatial dynamics of native and introduced blowflies Dipt, Calliphoridae. Metapopulations and chaos: On the stabilizing influence of dispersal. Evolution of dispersal: The importance of the temporal order of reproduction and dispersal. Synchronisation danila opciók individuals and the dynamics of linked populations. Presence of chaos in a self-organized critical system.

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On self-organized danila opciók and synchronization in lattice models of coupled dynamical systems. Density-dependent migration and stability in a system of linked populations.

Some physical and computational aspects of self-organized criticality. Application of multifractals to the analysis of vegetation patterns.

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Singularity maps applied to a vegetation index. Multifractality of stock markets based on cumulative distribution function and multiscale multifractal analysis. Multiscale imaging of plants: current approaches and challenges. Multifractal time series analysis using danila opciók improved test model. A new method to analyse species abundances in space using generalized dimensions.

MfSBA: Multifractal analysis of spatial patterns in ecological communities. Self-affinity, danila opciók and disturbance of soil seed banks by tillage.

Effect of linear and nonlinear filters on multifractal analysis. Analysis on spatial variability of soil water and salt and it's scale effect based on multifractal. Multifractal scaling of crack images from pyroligneous acid dried sludge. Multifractal characterization of urban residential land price in space and time. Multifractal analysis and lacunarity analysis: A promising method for the automated assessment of muskmelon Cucumis melo L.

Spatial relationships between leaf area index and topographic factors in a semiarid grassland: Joint multifractal analysis.

Multifractal phenomena in EcoSim, a large scale individual-based ecosystem simulation. Multifractal pattern and process during a recent period of forest expansion in a temperate mountainous region of China.

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Multifractal analysis of seedling population patterns of the mangrove, Avicennia marina forssk. Analysis on spatial variability of soil properties based on multifractal theory. Multifractal properties of pore-size distribution in apple tissue using X-ray imaging. Multifractal analysis of land use pattern in space and time: A case study in the Loess Plateau of China. Mechanisms in macroecology: AWOL or purloined letter? Towards a pragmatic view of mechanism.

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Increasing density of juvenile Atlantic Gadus morhua and Greenland cod G. Multifractal classification of financial time series. Characterization of fat-connective tissue size distribution in pre-sliced pork hams using multifractal analysis. Ecosystem as a topos of complexification. Renyi dimensions and pedodiversity indices of the earth pedotaxa distribution. Multifractal classification of road traffic flows.

Selfsimilarity of pedotaxa distributions at the planetary scale: A multifractal approach. Multi-modal, multi-fractal boundary encoding in object-based image compression - art.

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Do generalized scaling laws exist for species abundance distribution in mountains?. Simpson diversity and the Shannon-Wiener index as special cases of a generalized entropy.

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Quantifying spatial danila opciók of volumetric neutral models. Multifractal scaling of soil spatial variability. Procedures in multifractal analysis of river networks: a state-of-the-art review.

Multifractal analysis of river networks: Sandbox approach. Renyi dimensions of soil pore size distribution. Parametric scaling from species to growth-form diversity: an interesting analogy with multifractal functions. Laser diffraction and multifractal analysis for the characterization of dry soil volume-size distributions. Singularity features of pore-size soil distribution: Singularity strength analysis and entropy spectrum.

Simulating vertical and horizontal multifractal patterns of a longleaf pine savanna. Toward a panther-centered view of the forests of South Florida.

From theoretical ecology to statistical physics and back: self-similar landscape metrics as a synthesis of ecological diversity and geometrical complexity.

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Multifractal analysis of soil spatial variability. Motivation and the origin of culture.