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Részletek Witch Aelves Devoted followers of Khaine, Witch Aelves spend their entire lives dedicated to serving their bloodthirsty deity. Weapons practice and mock duels take up the majority of their daily lives, yet these are not mere military drills, but religious services with all the gravitas other cults might use when offering prayers to their god.

For Witch Banki tőke bináris opciók, ritual combat hones martial prowess and sates a craving for violence.

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On the battlefield, dancing like pale shadows, they weave a scarlet path through the orgy of destruction, revelling in the spray of jetting arteries.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a set of 10 Witch Aelves. They wear lightweight, minimal armour in order to move and flow more freely in their devotional bloodlust — what armour is there is beautifully ornate, finished by high leather boots.

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There are 12 heads in the kit — 6 pairs of individual designs — each of which comes with an additional headdress. The leader of the unit, the Hag, can be identified by the extra-spiky headdress she wears.

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Sisters of Slaughter Merciless masters of the lash, the Sisters of Slaughter leap into the fray and do not cease until all their foes lie dead. Sometimes even that is not enough to stop these vicious killers, for to them mutilation and bloodshed are acts of purest devotion to their cruel deity.

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To them, combat is everything — melee is worship, and each drop of blood spilled is an offering to Khaine. They fight in főnix kereskedési jelek exaggerated style, spinning, leaping and posing dramatically as they use their whips and blades to trace ancient runes in enemy flesh. Those who would join the Sisterhood permanently graft leering masks of living metal — the survivors of this, and the ceremonial duels that follow, become gladiatrixes insanely dedicated to fighting in the name of Khaine.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a set of 10 Sisters of Slaughter.

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Each Sister carries a long barbed whip, featuring metal hooks and blades at the end, and a buckler with a long, extremely sharp blade, and each wears a terrifying metal mask, its face twisted into an expression of bloodthirsty, leering főnix kereskedési jelek.

The leader of the unit is a Handmaiden, who has a special twin-tailed whip, and her mask features a forked tongue.

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